Sunday, September 30, 2007

back in my favorite place

It's true, real life is definitely the best fairy tale. I am laughing, out in the studio again alone with the scissors and glue, surrounded by piles of paper spilling from the drawers and scattered across the floor. Which is the perfect scrap for this project?

I've finally got a hint of energy again and the first thing I want to do is cut out a wonderful Mary-and-Jesus Christmas image I've been dreaming of for weeks. It's not what I'm "supposed" to be doing right now but it's been percolating in my head and simply must be cut. Then on to a floral piece for my upcoming book, sample greeting cards, more fabric... Isn't this FUN???

So it's true! Our ordinary lives aren't ordinary at all. I felt horrible for weeks and now I am beginning to think about doing a dance around the studio, simply from joy at perking up again. Isn't that a miracle?

Real life is truly the best fairy tale, and we are so blessed to actually live it out from day to day. The blessing of healing and restoration is my real life fantasy come true today. I am thankful beyond measure, and tomorrow can only be sweeter than today.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

cosy days among the pillows

Here I've been, quietly tucked into the nest we call home, covers pulled up to my chin, resting.

The sun rises and sets, the clock ticks softly in the corner, and days pass gently.

I am recuperating.

Tenderly cosseted by those who love me, surrounded by the good wishes of friends, I marvel at the kindness shown me and each day gain just a bit more strength than the day before.

While I can hardly wait to resume normal life again, I'm also content to simply lay still, listening to the clock's tic-tic-tic and patting the dog on the head when he noses my hand as if to say, "everything okay?"

Soon I'll be strong again (I've got exciting projects stacked up like airliners at JFK) but for today it's enough that I can work an hour, sleep an hour, work an hour, sleep an hour, while the rest of the world bustles along as usual.

For today it's enough that the sun will rise and set, the clock will tick in the corner and the rhythm of my gentle day continues as I lay dreaming among the pillows, recuperating.