Friday, August 11, 2017

The back story... what you don't see

I design art that appears on products.
So it goes without saying that sometimes what I plan and work hard on is never seen by anyone but me and an art director or product development team.

Because everything I do is "on spec", I know in advance that everything's driven by the decisions of a buyer somewhere, someone I'll never see, I have no idea what will be picked up and what won't.

This is one I'm wishing had come to see the light of day on a store shelf. 
So today I'm sharing this little design that was meant to turn into a holiday greeting card, a cookie gift box, a sweet glowing lamp.

Our family's tradition of "hygge", or cosy comfort, gave me the idea for this sweet design.
The little votive version glows brightly from within, 
and when I tested it out in the studio, I was delighted with my simple project.

 When the holiday season rolls around, I plan to fill the windows with light and invite a few friends for cookies and caroling in the studio, surrounded by the cheerful light of glowing votives and the memory of the summer afternoon when I made multiples ahead for the holidays even though I knew it hadn't been picked by the manufacturer.

Because in any season, Scandinavian hygge is a beautiful way to live.