Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The big, wide world of New York

It's that time of year again.
Trade show season in NYC (also known as I-look-awful-in-this-photo season!)

It's bakery for breakfast time, too... and I have to sketch my food before I can take a bite.

And this year, my art was in my agent's booth only so I had a chance to walk around New York.
Look what I saw!

I let my eyes lead me all over the city, wandering for miles.

Oh, one eats nicely in New York.

The signs, the sights, the smells.
This is so not home- this is the big, wide world.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Creative retreat

When I read this sign I had to laugh... 
Gather a group of creative designers and artists in one place, each bringing an art project to share
and the laughter and imaginations run wild.

Brenda Walton had invited us to her studio for a weekend of art play. What fun!

"Would you like to make a softie?" Brenda laughed, and pulled out fabric, trim, and lots of goodies. Nobody had a pattern; imagination was all we needed. 

Debi Adams had made the most amazing cookies, painted with food coloring! 

And I had pressed spring flowers from our garden to glue on vintage papers.

When  Cathe Holden unfolded her bag of tricks I could scarcely believe her brilliant ways with all things vintage!

And Wanda Guess! She brought Tim Holtz Idea-ology bracelets for us to color with alcohol inks and assemble. If you're looking for a quick craft that's super easy and looks terrific, these are great fun.

And then Brenda and her darling husband Doug took us to Port Costa and Berkeley and oh, my! The shopping!
(And I don't even like to shop, but this was different. Believe me.)


A weekend retreat of crafting.
I think we should do this kind of thing more often, don't you?

Why not throw a retreat of your own, call up a few artsy friends and ask each one to bring something to the party. Unleash the coffee, tea and creativity.

And maybe a chaser of gouache paint- it was fantastic for me!