Thursday, June 13, 2013

Want to paint with me in Norway?

Do you secretly dream of Scandinavia? 
Want to paint the fjords with me?

I'll be teaching watercolor painting on a two week cruise to Norway on Royal Caribbean in early September and I would just love to have you along!

Here's the link to the itinerary. We'll sail out from Southampton, the port city for London, and visit Cork, Ireland, six of Norway's most charming cities and sail along the picturesque fjords, then stop in Belgium for a day. Doesn't it sound irresistible?

And (drum roll!) the unbelievable part is that I saw it online today at an unbelievable rate! 
Just $784 for two full weeks, including your room, all food and entertainment and even my watercolor classes. If you're interested, you can find that price right here on Vacations to Go!

Just think how much fun we will have sketching, snipping, and splashing color. Not to mention parties at the dinner table. Let's meet in London and sail away...


Sharyn Sowell said...

Leslie said...

Oh Take me Away Sharyn!! I soooo wish I could go! but I don't like boats!
hahahaha! I could stand on the shore and wave to you!


Jeri Landers said...

Good grief girl! You are one of the most well traveled ladies I know, what a blast you must have traveling hither and yon AND painting all the while! How absolutely marvelous