Thursday, July 11, 2013

The fine art of the One Hour Miracle Vacation

Do you ever feel the need of a restful vacation but find it completely impossible?

Then it's time for what I call the One Hour Miracle Vacation.

You don't need anything exotic or fancy.
Just go somewhere nearby where you can get outside and hunt for miracles.

Don't worry, there are enough miracles in one ordinary square foot to shock and completely revive you.
Just go outdoors, open your eyes and look for little everyday wonders.

I did it today.
I'll spare you the details but oh, honey, I needed restoration.

And I got it in the ripples on a leaf, the sparkle of water in the sun, the cerulean sky.

Tiny daisies in the grass.
A leaf laying in a bed of moss.

Ocean. Forest. A feather right by my toes.

I found seaweed.
A lovers' bouquet laying on an old log.
A heron gone fishing.

I even glimpsed a spotted fawn and her mama in the dappled sun at the park's edge.

An hour given over to looking deeply and with gratitude at the world around you is an amazing One Hour Miracle Vacation.

And maybe the best miracle of all is the way it leaves you feeling so refreshed and delighted.

Oh, thank God for one hour vacations right in your own neighborhood. 
I challenge you to do it, too...

Take one hour somewhere outdoors and look for ordinary little wonders. 

You'll be surprised how refreshing it is.


Michelle Palmer said...

Mmmmmm... thank you for bringing us along on your 1 hour vacation~ it was the perfect get-a-way :)

Sharyn Sowell said...

Mary Ann said...

I am an artist planning to take part in ArtBizJam, and I found your blog and site, think on Lori Siebert\'s website.
You said to contact you with comments.... I have to tell you that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your \"One Hour Vacation!\"
What a fabulous and fun concept. I hope it\'s OK to share your idea with my friends, I\'ll certainly give you credit. It is just such a happy idea in our busy stressful lives. And I loved the way you presented it. Such great fun idea!
Thanks for the fun, and have a great week. Now I can just hope you get this email....💗