Sunday, February 9, 2014

Winter. Alaska.

Winter in Alaska...

 It conjures up visions of frozen darkness.
Ordinarily not the dream destination.

But a new baby in the family is a powerful draw.
And I'm working on a new project, too, a book about finding hope in the middle of the soul's winter.

So Alaska was just right.

Yes, Alaska is cold. 
And wild. Oh, yes, wild.

But when the sun comes out

when the Northern Lights flash

when you sip steamy cocoa and watch hockey players on the frozen lake...

when you saunter, bundled up, along the icy shore hunting sea glass and starfish

Alaskan winters are invigorating beyond belief.

 Alaska was just what I needed pondering the deep concepts of life and hope under the surface.
Perfect for sketches of wind and ice.

For family snuggles.

And starlight.

And dreaming of the details of new projects under development.

For thinking about hope, whose roots are sunk deep in the soil of family and faith and joy to come.


Happy winter, wherever you are!