Tuesday, March 18, 2014

 Spring arrived last Tuesday morning.

Never mind what the calendar says.

I prefer to go by daffodils.
By frogs singing in the field under the starry skies.

By flowering cherries and magnolias and the primroses that line the drive.

A brisk spring walk down the road brings peeks of pink flowering trees
and sends me home with daydreams and sketches.
Oh, what a gorgeous color palette... sky and flowers!

All the neighbors have their weeding tools out and shout their greetings.
Our dogs have to sniff every one, wagging for joy.

Everything is budding, greening, and growing.

Hello, spring...
You've been gone too long.

Welcome back.

And tulip season is just around the corner.

We may be the luckiest people on earth.
Spring in the valley.

Oh, yes, please!


Michelle Palmer said...

Oh JOY! Thank you for the peek and promise of color and warmth to come our way~
Hugs and smiles to you!

Jeri Landers said...

Oh my aching back! I know for sure that Spring has arrived when I can't stay in the house for one minute because I am hauling, digging, cleaning and planting little green things all over again. Your Spring must be sensational; especially when all those tulip farms surrounding you begin to bloom! About my little birds, they aren't felted, they are sewn. But yes, Great Pyrenees fur would be great for felting, I just don't know how to do it.