Friday, April 4, 2014

Farm pleasures

More baby goats were born this morning on the farm.
We had to visit.
It was impossible to resist.

Through the field and across the road...

 What innocence.
What playfulness.
What appetites!

Rural America has so much simple beauty.

I am so blessed to live where the seasons change dramatically
and neighbors share meals and chores and so much more.

Barns, farmhouses, big blue skies,
gardens being planted with seeds we've exchanged and plants we've divided.

This afternoon we laughed with the ducks, skipped with baby goats and watched the antics of the roosters and hens.


I worked on some country sketches I'll show you soon.

Country life is still very much alive.
All across America, this is how some of us celebrate springtime.

I wish you blue skies and gentle winds...

and a very, very happy springtime.

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