Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Eve in small town America

I caught myself today wondering why I am not in a constant state of gratitude.

To live here, in the heart of small town America.
Free and blessed beyond belief.

It's the kind of day that makes me stop in my tracks, utterly amazed
at the miracle of ordinary life in small town America.

Nobody knows why Big Lake celebrates Independence Day on July 3rd, but we are glad of a double dose of family and friends, barbecue and fireworks.

It's a tradition we love more every passing year.

We are so grateful for friends who fold us into their circle of loved ones, young and old...

for the pleasure of playing together and eating classic potluck food...

It's an evening running over with joy, of wholesome fun with new friends and old,
an evening of laughter and jokes and utter relaxation.

There's always an fly-over from the retired navy pilots

time to swim and play soccer on the lawn and eat something festive baked by somebody's mom...

and before you know it, the sun sinks low and it's twilight.

Time to gather by the lake.
The marshmallows and sticks come out
and the first fireworks light our faces and the sky, still tinged pink around the edges.

And then it's over, and calls of "thank you!" and "this was the best party ever" ring out across the water. 

People ask me where my ideas come from, what the source of my creative fountain is.
And this is it, my friends. This is it.

It's my real life flowing out onto paper.

Open your eyes.
Pay attention.

Don't let a single moment of the magic escape you.
Your life is beautiful, too.

The secret is to pay attention, to look for the daily morsels of joy and beauty.

Put on your favorite shoes and dance for gratitude!


Anonymous said...

Every one of your blags is simply a masterpiece. This may be the best yet.

Debbie Nolan said...

Dear Sharyn - just a beautiful post. I so agree too with your sentiments that everyday should be memorable because they are what make up our lives. Looks like your third was as happy as my 4th! Have a great week.

Jeri Landers said...

This is AMerica! I love it. I see the girls had a good time below at the "art camp". You will do it again no doubt!