Sunday, September 21, 2014

Look up!

"Why," Mr. Wonderful asked, "do we see so many amazing sunsets here?"

Which, of course, freed me up to point at the sky all day yesterday, saying, "look at that! Just LOOK AT THAT!!!"

The truth is I am slightly obsessed with the beauty of the sky.
Okay, maybe more than slightly.

All over the earth, every moment of every day, God paints on an enormous canvas right over our heads, a changing panorama of epic proportions.

The thing is, we hardly even notice it!

 Sometimes soft, gray clouds, sometimes deep black studded with stars.
Sometimes a glorious sunrise or sunset.

Or a simple, intense cerulean blue.

How is it that we don't take time to see it, to stop a moment for the pure pleasure of noticing this love letter of epic proportions?

Wherever you are on this great, grand spinning globe, stop.
Indulge yourself for just a moment.

Look up! What gorgeous work of art lies in the sky above you?


Sara said...

Oh yes, I could not agree more! The sky is always amazing and what an astounding love letter it is.

Debbie Nolan said...

Ah Sharyn - so well said with the most beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. I spend a lot of time looking up too!

Michelle Palmer said...

So very beautiful and so very true~

jone hallmark said...

It is so worth paying attention to what surrounds us each day. Thank you for documenting some of those movements, Sharyn.......xoxo