Sunday, February 21, 2016

Garden Party collection... fast and so beautiful

Delinda had never gotten into crafting. 

She's more the hands-in-the-soil kind of friend, the generous neighbor who sends me home with a head of lettuce that looks like a giant bouquet or some fantastic heirloom kale.

Until now. 

Delinda's mom is having a milestone birthday and the entire family wanted to gather for a big hee-haw of a birthday party. No cheap ordinary party goods would do.

Delinda's mom must have the best. 

But what would it be?

And then she saw the samples for my Garden Party Collection from Sizzix.
It looks so intricate Delinda initially thought it would be too complicated,
but I kept telling her, "it's so easy! You can do this!"

And WOW. Just WOW.

Aren't her invitations beautiful?

I can hardly wait to see what she's making for the party itself!
Stay tuned... I'm going to show you lots more fun with these dies.

The Garden Party collection of crafting dies will ship to stores near you in late March or early April...