Sunday, October 9, 2016

A fresh creative space

The studio is now more "me" than it's ever been, more spacious and functional.
And brighter.

Can you tell?

The studio continues to evolve and I add more detail every day.
I'm loving the process... 

Pieces like this vintage slipper chair found at the edge of the road with a wobbly "free" sign on its back have added much character. I have been embellishing everything liberally.

I'm loving my tiny cottage studio, all fresh and deliciously inspiring.

Is your creative space tired and shopworn? 
Dare to refresh it and if you need help, call my talented space designing friend, Debi Ward Kennedy, the super-creative space designer who guided me through the process and helped me see what I really needed.

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Debi Ward Kennedy said...

Sharyn, it was SO much fun working with you on your sweet little studio! You know I love a good makeover but it was doubly rewarding to work with a friend who understands that while a pretty is the goal, functionality and efficiency has to come first in a work environment ;) I'm thrilled that you kept going after our 'phase one attack' and have created such a perfectly personalized space for yourself... empowering people to see the possibilities in their spaces is my number one goal!

BTW, the best place for anyone interested in what I do to see my design work is via my website and design blog at ( is my DIY home decor blog!)

Thanks again for sharing me with your readers <3 ~ Deb