Monday, November 18, 2019

Teaching and hiking in Norway's fjords

When invited to teach on a cruise to the Norwegian fjords, I could not refuse.
Here is a bit of eye candy to share with you... 

I've been too busy to post but this unbelievable adventure happened last summer.

I traveled with my darling friend, Marcy Spanogle Hawley, the artist behind Power Poppy, where you can find some gorgeous stamps and digital stamps.

At once sophisticated and modern but absolutely charming in every detail, Norway delighted us at every turn.

The details so completely charmed me I could hardly stop staring with delight.

I summited Preikestolen just before falling hard on the downhill climb, fracturing and dislocating a finger. Adventure! I'm thankful I took first aid classes and remembered what to do.

Should you ever think, "hmmm, maybe I should consider a trip to Norway..." don't give it a moment's thought, just book yourself to go!

You will thank me.