Thursday, August 29, 2013

The gift of YES

I promise myself so much every year.

"This summer I will sit in the dappled shade of the cherry tree and paint." But I never find time.

"This is my year for kayaking and sketching the moon jellies."
"And making my own leather travel journal."
"Cycling across our little valley."

But somehow it doesn't happen.

But this year it was different.

I said yes!
Yes, please.

And if you've noticed my absence here lately, that's why.

Munch a ripe peach and let the sweet juice trickle down my arms?
Why yes, don't mind if I do!

Roast another marshmallow? Meander in the garden? Cycle at sunrise? Adopt a puppy?
YES! Why not?

I cycled. Sketched. Painted at the beach.
Snipped under the apple tree.

Kayaked into the sunset. Sketched and sketched and sketched.
Baked a dozen pies. Probably more. Ate more than my share of each and every one.

Lettered all day long without stopping.

And so much more.

Best summer of a lifetime.
Why wait to give ourselves the gift of that one little word...


Was this the summer you gave yourself the gift of yes?

Let us welcome in an autumn better than any other.
What's your plan? 
Let's plan it, do it, make the dreams a reality.

Make this autumn the one we tell ourselves yes!


Diane Knott said...

I have also taken a break from places online, Sharyn. It helps to restore our souls! We've also opted for NO TV all summer long. Only the Weather Channel ea. morning so we know what to expect: umbrellas or sunglasses.

Jane LaFazio said...

Lovely post........and a timely reminder...thanks.

Sara said...

Very lovely, Sharyn. I'm glad you have said yes to yourself this summer. There will never be another one just like it; each season is unique and thank you for reminding us to take time to enjoy and appreciate the special blessings being poured out upon us.