Friday, September 6, 2013

Gone adventuring.

All life is such an adventure.

One square foot of grassy lawn is an entire world.
But there's no denying that travel opens new chapters, 
and I am off again.
Gone adventuring.

Hello, England!

First it was three days in London and now
(pinch me)
Mr. Wonderful and I are in Bath, England.

Oh, dear me. We had the most AMAZING surprise!

I will tell you the full story soon, when I can upload the video, but in all my life I don't think I've ever fallen down the rabbit hole into a wonderland more delightful than I did yesterday along the River Avon.

And Mr. Wonderful just happened to be taking a video on the iPad when The Unexpected happened.

There was a very surprising spontaneous invitation and we leaped straight into a fairytale...
video of it all with the art that was involved the minute I have a good internet connection.

My pencil and pen, brushes and scissors have been flying.
After all, how can an artist resist when surrounded by so much inspiration?

There has even been opportunity to sneak peeks at the sketchbooks of other artists.
Look what I found in the British Museum in London...

pages from a medieval sketchbook!
And now I am longing for the walnut ink I boiled for myself last October.

If you want to know how to make your own walnut ink, I'll share the recipe when I get home, but it's no guarantee that your sketches will be this amazing.
Look at the golden shell this fellow has on his helmet, protecting his ear!

Tomorrow we leave for Ireland, Norway and Belgium.
I will check in again soon and share more adventures.

But for now, pour yourself a lovely pot of tea and sip a cup of comfort,
and think of me, across the sea, where I am doing the same
and thinking of you.