Friday, March 18, 2016

Jesus Loves Me... a fabric collection

The first song I learned as a child was the basis for my recent fabric collection.
It's a bright and happy group from Henry Glass Fabrics.

Here's a little peek- though there are lots more I can't show you until it releases
officially on Monday.

There's more and you can find it on the Henry Glass website
where we're having a fabulous giveaway...
leave a comment there or here to enter to win.

A combination of antique wood type printed on my old press, scissor cut paper done freehand, and some hand drawn lettering...

My neighbors and family can see their children in the fabric, too...
and even their cat!

When we buy something we don't always know what went into making that product. 
So I want to give you a peek behind the scenes...

The core of most of my work begins with cut paper.

I simply take a pair of scissors and snip freehand, using a simple sheet of ordinary paper, usually black because the high contrast scans very crisply.

Sometimes I play little games with myself to see how intricate I can be, how much emotion I can show, how lovely the simplicity art can be with only scissors and a single sheet of paper.

My old press is mostly cast iron, and it was made in1902. I love the clackety-clack of printing with a collection of type that dates to civil war era.

All the type is wood or lead and is set by hand, letter by letter.

After I've painted, printed, snipped and lettered, I scan the art into a state of the art iMac, and arrange it into repeat that works for fabric or art that will appear on greeting cards, mugs, craft products or other things that brighten and encourage.

I know how special it is to tuck in under a hand made quilt on a chilly evening or whip up some pretty napkins. To delight in the little things.

If you want to win an original paper cut or a silhouette portrait of your favorite little person, leave a comment below or on the Henry Glass blog.