Thursday, March 31, 2016

Party time! A happy how-to...

Spring always makes me want to throw open the doors and party outside
but this year it's irresistible because my new Garden Party dies are out from Sizzix!

These dies have me almost turning cartwheels in the studio because they are one of the most versatile crafting products I've ever seen, making it possible to duplicate my most complicated cut paper almost instantly!

First up on my party plans is always who to invite. And when it's REALLY special, invitations have to be over the top. Snail mail is the way to go to tell someone "this is going to be AMAZING!" 

I love to switch it up and make every invitation different.

Woohoo! My secret is just a simple turn of the handle on a Sizzix Big Shot die cutting machine!

Looks impossibly hard... don't tell anyone all you did was turn a crank and make a few folds...

(An aside for you who think your workspace should always be tidy... GIVE IT UP! Let yourself make a creative mess and just get out the vacuum later!)

Do as my sweet friend Delinda and I did... sip some tea, eat something delicious, turn on the music and LAUGH!

After you roll your paper through the die cutting machine you need to clean out all those tiny bits of paper that make this so lovely. Here's where you're going to want a die brush. It chases the scraps out in a jiffy and makes the beautiful paper easier to peel away from the die.

Fair warning: Don't try to rush... if you spend a full minute or two extracting the paper from the die you'll get a piece of paper that will make your friends drool!

Now fold your paper back and stick onto a 5X7" backing card as shown. 
I love Zots for crafting... so convenient and you get a nice strip of 300 so you don't run out in the middle of a project (don't you hate that?!?) I always keep a spare box on hand.

Now take out some pens and write your invites and envelopes. I lingered over mine with another cup of Lavender Earl Grey...

and then because the tulips are in bloom just outside the studio door, I played with watercolor on the envelopes!

Time to tuck my invitations in the mail.
If you want to party along, just run into your nearest paper crafting store and pick up the Garden Party dies or order online at Amazon (click here.)