Wednesday, April 27, 2011 which she looks up...

...and sees the splendors of the everyday sky, 
that ordinary miracle known as "today's weather."

 Have you noticed the varying shades of leaden gray on white, azure on indigo, blinding white and soft paleness?

 It's fascinating to notice how those clouds dwarf even the most towering of trees...

and decorate the barns and orchards, houses and parks.

See how the trees are waking up, the buds are bursting yellow in the fields. 
Weed or flower? What's your take on it?
It's hard to decide whether to look up or down with so much juicy gorgeousness above and below.

Mr. Wonderful has been ill, the scrambling in the studio has turned my brains to salad, and the stress level and "must do" list are both at epic proportions.

Which is why it's so consoling to tie one's shoelaces, grab the dog's leash, and fill my lungs with fresh air, to look up, look down, and savor the friends along the way.

Won't you come on by and visit?

You'll find me in the studio 
or at Surtex in New York, booth #616 on May 15-17, 
at Licensing Show in Las Vegas, booth #5711 on June 14-16.

Or join me huffing and puffing down a beautifully ordinary road in our wonderful little valley.  I'm the one with a leash in one hand and a camera in the other, sketchbook and pencil spilling from my pocket.