Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tulip time

I give you fair warning. I am about to gush. 

Today was my annual day given over to wandering in the bulb fields and as usual I was completely intoxicated with color, the play of light and the overwhelming beauty of this precious valley I call home.

Jane Shasky, my talented friend (click here to see her work) and I spent the day in the fields. She was as bad as I, stopping to smell every hyacinth and laying down in the mud to get just the right shot for reference.

The glories of springtime were more amazing than ever.

It's almost impossible to choose a favorite bloom.
Will this year's favorite be pink?
Or a combination?

Barns and old wood fences complement the blossoms perfectly.

Tractors hum along with the bees. There are many places more sophisticated than the Skagit Valley, but none more beautiful.

And never better than in springtime.
Can this really be just a short bike ride from my driveway?

We trundle home satisfied and inspired. 
These brilliant colors are seeping into my work.
Peeks tomorrow.

Oh, what inspiration lies just around the bend.
Look for the magic. 
There are miracles in your neighborhood, too.