Friday, July 20, 2012

Florida, land of sea, sand and inspiration

I went to Florida to do an artist signing to celebrate the release of a new line of mugs and plates at Abbey Press.

But after the crowds at the Orlando's convention center, the beach was calling.

And so was my friend Kitty, who lives near the beach and loves gelato as much as I do.
We were both feeling hippie-ish so we used the side door!

Oh, Florida is chock full of kitsch!

I was so tempted to go fishin', just so I could hang a sign out...

In Florida the beach is such a happening place.

Just full of inspiration for new art, too.

I've got four more pages to finish up on a new wine calendar, and we toted seashells and wine glasses down to the sand for a little photo shoot.

The birds were posing...

All the pelicans seemed to have an itch at the same time!

The egrets feet and eyes captivated me completely...

And the gardens, oh my goodness...

The details like raindrops and spiderwebs, brilliant colors of the foliage and flowers...

Home to the studio tonight at last, 
happy as a clam and 
so inspired my fingers are itching to get the ink and paints out again.

When the creative inspiration is this intense, there is just no holding it back.