Monday, July 30, 2012

Green: Summer's Favorite Color

If summer had a favorite color, 
it would have to be green.

Lush, rich, brilliant green.

Green as in rolling fields.

Green as in crinkled leaves.

And herbs. 
And the broccoli that has gone to seed in the back corner of the garden.

Summer's green can fly solo
or play second fiddle to her brighter-hued friends.

In our little valley, the excesses of summer spill over into visual joy in almost every corner.

All the neighbors revel in the green that surrounds us.
It is the season for pleasure.

Afternoons by the lake
or in the garden.

We take long, long walks and enjoy the ordinary goodness spilling over.

We greet the animals along our way
and slow to savor the gardens
and greet friends in the golden light of early evening.

Because it's summer.
And it's green.

And that's so very, very good.
Just as it ought to be.