Friday, July 27, 2012

Out in the Garden...

I'm working on a new garden collection,
which has me chasing down the joys and inspirations
I love best about my own yard, and the gardens of my friends.

The other day I listened to a man talk about losing his sense of taste,
and it made me ponder...

If you had to lose one of your senses, which would you choose to do without?

Sight? Smell? Sound? Touch? Taste?

My garden is a banquet for all the senses.
What a blessing that we have been gifted with them all...

Today I remind myself:
It's so important not to be so busy with the urgent things
that we forget about the truly important things.

Time spent together.
Time to rest.
Time to notice and say thank you
for the miracles that surround us.

I love the old children's prayer:

Thank you, God, for the world so sweet,
Thank you, God, for the food we eat.
Thank you, God, for the birds that sing,
Thank you, God, for everything!

And especially our own wee garden, 
humming with bees all drowsy in the sunlight
and plenty of work for us to do.

Including this new garden collection!